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October 19, 2006


Mike Beckett

Dear BW,

Since the intent of your blog is to provide a kind of critical scrutiny reserved for more expensive wines, your endorsement of the Amaicha Bonarda is curious, "..a little tinge of cheap to it, but for $3.99 what do you expect?" This attitude does a disservice to the many "cheap" wines deserving of more balanced reviews, which I thought your blog might provide. Really, what's the point if there's little opportunity for the average consumer (who buys on the cheap) to develop a basic vocabulary to begin to appreciate the wines to which you devote your column, if it's only the usual "what do you expect at 3.99?"

Budget Wino


Point very well taken. Looking back on that posting, I do agree that the comment "for $3.99 what do you expect" definitely goes against the grain of what i'm trying to achieve with this blog. I really appreciated this wine, and the comment definitely does it and the other wines I am reviewing a disservice. Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention.


I agree with you on this wine... Very good for the price point, and I also enjoyed the other one from Amiacha they are selling at TJ's.
My fiance picked up some Tuscan Moon Sangiovese the other night, and I have to say that is another surprise... very tasty

Vesna Zafirovski

Amaicha Bonarda is a true surprise - hide the bottle and serve it and one would think of a much pricier wine. Not only a good buy it is a trully great taste.

guy smith

As one of the partners involved im putting amaicha together it's great to hear some positive comments, we would be interested to know what you think of the packaging - does it match what is in the bottle?
Thanks again,

Thomas Locke Hobbs

on 12/10/06 the Trader Joe's in Los Altos, CA was selling this wine, along with the Torrontes for just $2.

Buy a case or two!!

Tom Duval

The Bonarda bottle design is representative of South America. I have been delighted by most Argentine wines and the bottle design was a plus for me given my experience with wines from this area.

paul peters

I stumbled upon this wine at TJ's. Bought to bottles. I drank one and a few nights later offered it to dinner guest, more wine buffs than me and they like it.
I agree that it is a terrific bargain. I just bought my third case today.

Al Jaques

My wife received this wine as a gift from a customer and after enjoying it so, I wanted to look it up to see how much it went for.

What a bargain this is!!!

And the packaging suits it well, too (to answer an earlier post).


it's only 1.99 at trader joes and pairs beautifully with their french import truffles and cashews. i'm hooked.


My husband and me enjoyed it for mother's day and was an excellent an romantic experience,low price:$1.99, 100% great taste!!!


I absolutely loved this wine and want to buy a few cases but can't find it anymore. Trader Joe's said it's unavailable and I've been on a hunt to find it. Do you know who else may distribute it or where I can find it? Thanks a bunch

Michael Z

I agree that this wine is an extroardinary value. I have paid six and more times for wine that were inferior. Its becoming apparent that, when it comes to wine. price has no bearing on quality. Its time we come to grips with this simple fact and ignore price when we taste wine. As the old adage goes "the proof is in the pudding". Any other criteria is self serving and is intended to promote the producer at the expense of the consumer.

Wine - Oh

I have had this Amaicha wine and it is excellent!! However, the Trader Joes' in my area (Tucson, AZ) no longer have it! I am extremely disappointed! I would buy a case or two, if I could find it.

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