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November 13, 2006



I knew that it was the same varietal but thanks for detailed explanation which I didn't know. Just would like to add that if you have $50 to spend in a bottle of wine you should try an Hermitage or a Cote Rotie to appreciate all the splendor of Syrah grape.


great post! And cool site, too. I think budget wines are under rated. I've written on a few over here: http://wineandwheels.com/2006/11/pair-your-thanksgiving-meal-with-proper.html


Just a quick note, the name 'Shiraz' from the Australian stand point is definitely from Iran, as a large number of grapes/vines were saved during the revolution of 1979 and shipped off to the closest environment/climate which would be Australia. (also several vines had already been transferred to Australia over the past century, so it was a fair deal) It is a hark back to the original home of the grape vines.

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I love these two wines, i would choose both!

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Shiraz thrives only in temperate countries,Syrah is a a hybrid of of shiraz which could grow in colder countries like New Zealand.That is my understanding.

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