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I'm a busy guy in his early 30's. I order-in food each week at least 5 times more than I cook it. I work out, but just to keep some semblance of health. I always feel like my day is missing a few hours. So why am I spending time writing this blog? Why would I go through the trouble of reviewing cheap bottles of wine? Why? Ill tell you why..

I'm doing this wine blog because-

--I'm getting tired of only finding wine reviews on the web that use words such as "floral," "delicate," "pristine."
--I don't think it's a crime to have a glass of red wine with a piece of fish.
--I honestly believe that there are people out there that want reviews of inexpensive wines written by those who have the same or similar tastes- reviews by individuals that haven't been instructed on HOW to enjoy a glass of wine by someone who is a self proclaimed expert, but rather reviews written by those who enjoy wine just because it tastes good.
and most importantly...

--I drink a lot of cheap wine!!

My goals for this blog are pretty darn simple. As the urge presents itself, ill buy a bottle of wine (never more than $10), write a review of the wine (in purely layman's terms), rate it (based on my rating system below), and provide a link to where it can be bought on-line.

My recommendation system has 3 levels:

Definitely Buy It
Consider buying it
Don't bother

So please read the reviews, send me your thoughts, circulate this blog link, and feel free to suggest wines to review. In the end, this is all about normal people enjoying cheap wine.